The Distinguished Visiting Scholars program brings to Washington University historically underrepresented scholars who have distinguished themselves as leaders and innovators in the academy, in business or in other fields of endeavor.

During their stay, the scholars participate in the intellectual life of the campus. Scholars interact with faculty and graduate students by leading workshops, delivering public lectures, visiting classes and teaching seminars.

Bringing future faculty to WashU

In addition to sharing their work with our community, it is our hope that distinguished visiting scholars will help us identify potential future faculty members, graduate students and postdoctoral fellows.

The Distinguished Visiting Scholars program was established by Vice Provost and Associate Vice Chancellor Gerhild S. Williams in the fall of 1998 as part of the university’s efforts to increase the numbers of underrepresented faculty on campus. Vice Provost Williams says, “During the years since its inception the program has brought many excellent scholars to campus whose interaction with our students and faculty has been and continues to be an inspiration to the Washington University community.”

The Distinguished Visiting Scholars program allowed me to experience the warmth and intellectual breadth of faculty and students and Washington University, and it was a determining factor in my decision to join this university on a permanent basis.

Mabel Morana, Professor of Romance Languages in Arts & Sciences

Distinguished Visiting Scholar Devon Carbado, a legal scholar at UCLA, said, “The Distinguished Visiting Scholars program is a wonderful way to get a sense of the intellectual life and institutional culture of Washington University. That the program enabled me to get feedback on my scholarship and engage faculty, students and staff about issues of inclusion and diversity made the visit all the more rewarding.” 

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How the Distinguished Visiting Scholars program works

Each scholar is hosted by a school or academic department within the university. The hosting department or school extending the invitation coordinates all of the appropriate and necessary arrangements for a successful visit. The Office of the Provost covers expenses (stipend, airfare, hotel room and official meals/events involving Washington University faculty, staff and students) that are part of the scholar’s visit.

To inquire about visits or to submit the names and resumes of suitable candidates, contact Cecilia Hanan Reyes or complete the application below.

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