Our team works closely with the deans of the six Danforth Campus schools, department chairs, and hiring chairs, to recruit, retain, and develop a faculty that is both excellent and diverse. We offer annual search workshops for hiring chairs, as well as real time recruitment support.

Faculty Affairs offers workshops for hiring chairs, sharing best practices for running an effective and efficient search that yields an excellent and diverse pool of candidates. We also work closely with the Danforth schools to support best practices in faculty hiring.

Rebecca Wanzo and Melanie Micir sit on panel.

Additional key resources offered by our team include referrals to real estate agents and informational packets on WashU and St. Louis.

For more information about these resources, contact Cecilia Hanan Reyes.

Race and Ethnicity Cluster Hire Initiative

Through the Race and Ethnicity Cluster Hire Initiative, Washington University in St. Louis has taken important steps toward building a world-class research program on race. Three rounds of this cluster hire initiative took place in 2020-21, 2021-22 and 2022-23 and were funded by the Office of the Provost. You can learn more about the initiative and meet the new faculty hired across Danforth Campus here.

Strategies for conducting a successful search

We compiled some best practices and recommendations for identifying a pool of candidates that is excellent, diverse, and likely to be enthusiastic about an offer to join WashU.

Best practices for interviews

We compiled common best practices for conducting successful job candidate interviews. We also define some common terms and provide information on implicit bias.

Additional university support

The university has many resources to help you find and hire the right candidate for the position, including cluster hires, target of opportunity hires, partner hires, and housing resources.