Below are resources to actively support the faculty hiring process.

University resources

Target of Opportunity hires

A Target of Opportunity hire represents an opportunity to recruit a candidate of outstanding quality who has not emerged through a conventional national search. Myriad reasons justify such targeted hiring, including opportunities to recruit outstanding faculty who are not generally on the job market, to strengthen existing areas or fill strategic needs, to make partner hires, and to diversify the faculty. All Target of Opportunity proposals must be approved by the school’s affirmative action process and the school’s dean.

“External” Target of Opportunity hires occur when an academic unit identifies a candidate to pursue;

“Internal” Target of Opportunity hires occur when one academic unit identifies a candidate and requests a different academic unit consider that candidate as a target hire. Partner hires are an example of internal Target of Opportunity hires.

Partner hires

Washington University recognizes that the decision to join our faculty often depends on the job prospects for a spouse or partner. Where possible, our schools work together to explore possible employment opportunities for those individuals. Department chairs and chairs of search committees are encouraged to contact their deans as early as possible in the recruitment process to explore and facilitate this transition process.

Washington University also participates in the St. Louis Regional Higher Education Recruitment Consortium (HERC), which offers resources for employment decisions involving two careers. Visit the HERC website for help with your dual-career job search, including opportunities in the greater Missouri area. For additional assistance with HERC, please contact Denise DeCou, Manager of Diversity and Community Outreach, Human Resources.

Benefits and housing resources

Learn about Washington University’s highly competitive benefits, which are designed to support all of our faculty and their diverse needs. The university’s Human Resources team is available to have confidential discussions with faculty candidates and answer any questions they may have about our benefits.

New faculty are encouraged to explore the university’s Live Near Your Work Program. The program provides up to $12,500 in down payment or closing costs towards the purchase of a home in qualifying neighborhoods.

Our community

Washington University offers our faculty myriad opportunities to get involved and build connections with campus community members from many backgrounds and experiences. The St. Louis region is a vibrant and diverse one, with urban amenities and an affordable, high quality of life. Visit our Insider’s Guide to learn about the neighborhoods, sports teams, restaurants, arts and regional attractions that our faculty enjoy.

St. Louis Community Resources