Washington University offers Interfolio as a recruitment tool for all Danforth Campus faculty searches. Interfolio is the leading company serving hundreds of higher education institutions to streamline faculty recruitment efforts. It is a tool that assists faculty search committees, staff supporting searches, school deans and other stakeholders. The platform provides transparency and increased efficiency to the search process. After four years of its implementation on the Danforth Campus, the vast majority of the tenure-track searches are run through Interfolio. In addition, this platform is being used for an increasing number of non-tenure-track and postdoctoral searches.

Sign In to Interfolio

Starting December 2022, Interfolio users on the Danforth Campus can use their Washington University credentials (SSO) to sign in to Interfolio by following the steps below.

Training Resources

Interfolio has training resources for faculty and staff supporting the searches here: Faculty Search Webinars & Video Tutorials | Videos and Webinars for All Products | Help Center (interfolio.com), including a basic product demonstration; how to create and manage a position; adding committee members to the search; running reports; among other resources.

Interfolio IT Support

The Interfolio Scholar Services team are your go-to for any technical support questions. You can reach out to them via help@interfolio.com or (877) 997-8807 Monday through Friday, 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM Eastern Time.

University Support for Interfolio Users and Stakeholders

If you have any questions, or if you need non-IT support , please contact Cecilia Hanan Reyes, Interfolio Institutional Administrator.